WHO COMES TO THE SHED? Everyone! Don't miss out on the experience of a lifetime. A gym like no other is just minutes from your front door.
From 10 to 99, we have a fitness plan for you. Whether your goal is to compete in an Ironman, play golf without pain, lose inches, or make the volleyball team, The Shed is the place for you. You can expect motivation, accountability, and a personalized workout every time you come in.  We consistently conduct independent research, complete continuing education through ACE, IYCA, and other organizations, and revise and rethink to stay on the cutting edge.
Our workouts are creative and effective. Boredom has no place at The Shed. And your body doesn't get used to what it is doing. The constant shock of new movements and challenges keeps the body moving towards new heights of fitness.
Often chronic pain is the result of repetitive assymetrical movement pattern. This may be from injury (physical or neurological/ recent or decades ago); weakness; or learned behavior. We are trained to identify what is creating your discomfort or holding you back; teach you how to identify it within yourself; and create a plan to eradicate it.
There are many uniques components of our training regimine at The Shed. Another facet is our holistic approach. We aren't just about lifting or cardio or core. We write comprehensive plans that build joint stability and bone density; increase core strength, speed, explosive and endurance strength; and tone and sculpt the body.
Looking to make a change? To be inspired? Motivated? Supported? Nourished? Come check out The Shed today.