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Client Testimonials

Caroline team member of the 2013 SHS Girls State Champion Soccer Team


I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me and every other person that works out with you on this team! You have helped lead us to this state championship and we love you so much! You are so inspiring and awesome. Thank you!

Kate McAlister

A New Day


Last year at this time my friend Paula kept harassing me to go work out with her at The Shed.  I finally relented, mostly to keep her quiet.  I went for a couple of days and told her I would think about coming full time but I wasn’t sure.  Really I didn’t want to make the commitment because, well, I wasn’t motivated.  Yes I was overweight and my back and knees hurt, but I figured I was getting older and that’s the way it was.


Then it was Thanksgiving and my kids were here, and more importantly my grandkids were here.  It was great and I had fun with the grandkids but they wanted to run around and I could do it for a while and then I was tired.  The Sunday after Thanksgiving when they left I heard myself say, ”I’m glad they’re gone. I’m tired.”  What was I saying!  I never had said, “I’m glad they’re gone”.  I was angry with myself that I couldn’t even play chase without feeling tired.  So I made the decision that very night to start at The Shed.  For myself, and so I could play chase with my grandbabies.  I did not want to be that grandmother who sat in a chair and didn’t ‘play’.  I wanted to play and not feel like I was going to die.


I started in earnest on Nov 26, 2012.  I got up every weekday morning at 5:30a, put on my workout clothes and tennis shoes and drove to The Shed.  We took measurements and Jen talked to me for a while and asked me what body issues I had and she went to work to design workouts for me. 


It took a while for me to get in the groove and after about three months I realized how much fun I was having.  I actually loved getting up early, I’m a morning person anyway, and working out.  My body started to feel better and my back aches were virtually gone.  Unless I went for a long drive in the car, like to Seattle or Boise.  My knee aches were gone and my body handled stress much better.


Then in September of 2013 Jen offered a nutrition consultation with Suzanne Kaplan, an amazing young woman who really knows her food.  I was concerned because I really wasn’t losing weight, I knew I was losing inches because my clothes fit better and I felt better too.  After looking at my food diary she said, “You don’t eat”.  She reminded me in order for my body to let go of weight I needed to give it fuel, otherwise it would hold onto the weight for protection.  I had it in my mind if I fasted by not eating breakfast or lunch, and waiting until dinner, I would lose weight.  It didn’t work.  It especially didn’t work when I started to work out.  As Suzanne said, I needed to eat and give my body fuel to burn off.


I started eating breakfast and for the first week I thought I was going to barf every day.  But I didn’t and I now love to eat breakfast.  And I eat lunch and I eat dinner. I pay attention to what I’m putting in my mouth. In four weeks I lost six pounds, a big deal for me.  Again, The Shed changed my life for the better.


Yesterday, Oct 24, 2013 Jen said, “we need to measure you again since it’s been a year”.  I was reluctant because I felt I would be disappointed and I was having fun working out, and for once I wasn’t doing it for vanity, I just wanted to feel better and play chase with the kids.  I relented and let her measure me. 


Imagine my amazement when I realized I had lost 38.5 inches!!!!  I lost 12” from my hips, 12” from my belly, 10” from my waist and 4.5” from my chest.  WOW!!  Let’s put this in perspective – I am only 59” tall and I just worked off 38.5” from my little body.  Holy crappin’ frogs.  When someone asked me how I did it, I said, “I got up off my fat ass and I started to move and I started to eat right.”  There is no secret. It took a lot of hard work and dedication and I decided it was my turn to do something for myself.  


I am so proud of myself and I am so thankful for Jen Merwin for encouraging me and keeping me going.  The Shed made it easy.  Thank you to Suzanne for giving me to tools to get over my food issues and create a healthy life.  And thank you to my friend Paula for being a pain in the butt and harassing me until I went.  You all changed my life and now I can not only play chase, they can’t keep up with me!


Come for a visit at The Shed.  I can tell you with great certainty, it will change your life.